WTF Notebook & Centering Things

Summary of my bookmarked links from Apr 18th, 2024


  • Why you need a "WTF Notebook"

    The first link discusses a practical approach to team improvement through a technique called the "WTF Notebook." By jotting down observations of team quirks and issues for two weeks without immediate action, the author gains insight and avoids prematurely pointing out problems. They prioritize issues by assessing their importance and feasibility for resolution, gradually building credibility and rapport within the team. This method fosters a reputation as a problem solver rather than a complainer, ultimately leading to effective collaboration and positive outcomes.

  • Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things

    The article delves into the pervasive issue of misaligned text and icons in web design despite the simplicity of centering methods in CSS. It highlights problems with fonts, line heights, and icon fonts, emphasizing the need for font and web developers to prioritize tight bounding boxes for better alignment. Suggestions for aligning icons and text are provided alongside a plea for attention to detail in UI design. Overall, the piece advocates for the pursuit of well-balanced UIs to enhance user experience.