About me

My journey began with an apprenticeship as a Computer Science Export for Application Development. During the apprenticeship I focused on microsoft office programming and developing Access applications. So I spend the early days of my career in the hell of VBA. From there, I delved into the world of SharePoint and .NET, which was quite more modern compared to the stuff before. Later, I switched the company and also left the microsoft context. From this time on, I used macOS and expanded my expertise as a Full Stack Developer, working with various technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

With my passion for technology and drive for innovation, I co-founded TeamGrid and took the position of the CEO and CTO, building the company's technical operations and contributing to its growth. Continuing my journey at TeamGrid, I transitioned into only the position of Chief Technology Officer, to focus even more on spearheading the company's technological advancements. At some point I could no longer support the economic decisions made by my co-founder and left the company.

Currently, I serve as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of VineForecast, where I am responsible for shaping the company's technological architecture and driving the product development.

Throughout my career, I've specialized in software development, mastering tools like Git, VSCode, and Node.js. I craft clean, efficient code for web applications, emphasizing code quality with ESLint and robust unit tests using Jest. In the DevOps sphere, I leverage Kubernetes for agile application deployment and Docker for portable containers. GitHub Actions automates critical aspects of my workflow, ensuring seamless integration, deployment, and testing.