Why a Software Developer Intern Quit his Job Within Just 3 Days

Summary of my bookmarked links from Nov 17th, 2022


  • My software developer intern quit his job, after 3 working days

    Brian, a software engineering intern, abruptly quit his job after only three days of work, leaving his mentor perplexed and questioning his own capabilities. Brian's resignation email cited the dissatisfaction with the technical stack, specifically Flutter, as the reason for his departure. However, it later surfaced that Brian's discontent might have stemmed from the company's "work from home" policy, which interns were not granted. This incident raises discussions about the future of Flutter, the purpose of learning new languages/frameworks, the value of hands-on experience in software development, the objectives of internship programs, and the feasibility of remote work for interns. Ultimately, the blog seeks readers' opinions on Brian's decision and their companies' policies regarding remote work and internships.