Web Server for Low Power DMX Control

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 20th, 2019

Github repositories

  • ThomasH-W/ESP8266-DMX-SACN-E131-Node

    This project is an ESP8266-based SACN/E1.31/DMX node with a web server. It offers advantages such as low power consumption and a proprietary wireless connection for enhanced security. The hardware setup is simplified compared to the previous version, as only the driver stage for LED strips needs to be added. The module includes a web server for easy configuration and over-the-air firmware updates. Additionally, the modules send messages to a Node server, allowing users to monitor data reception. The system supports DMX settings, gamma correction for brightness adjustment, and DMX output via Serial1. The project utilizes NodeLua-ESP12E modules, and programming can be done via USB.