Vision Pro, DeviceScript and Gaming on Mac

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jun 9th, 2023


  • Vision Pro

    Apple's recent announcement unveils a new hardware and software paradigm called visionOS. The hardware boasts powerful components and a large spatial display, while the software retains a conservative approach, resembling the iOS app model. The user interface relies on familiar UIKit controls and layouts arranged on a 2D surface. The input method is based on eye tracking, with users pointing by looking and clicking with their hands. Apple's focus seems to be on providing a spacious computing experience, allowing users to perform everyday tasks comfortably. The platform also offers potential for future developments in creating large infospaces, spatial computational objects, and shared spatial computing.

  • The Rise of Self-Improving AI

    This article explores the concept of self-improving AI and its potential to lead to an intelligence explosion. The author demonstrates how to deploy a Meta AI that can forge other AIs to accomplish specific goals. By using a loop of agents, the Meta AI refines its instructions to bring the base AI closer to its objective. The process involves constraints, tips, and iterations, allowing the creation of AIs capable of tackling various tasks. The article discusses the prompt design, evaluation, and potential applications of this approach, including cloud computing and data analysis. It concludes with the promising future of self-evolving AI agents pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Github repositories

  • microsoft/devicescript

    DeviceScript is a TypeScript-based framework designed for low-resource microcontroller-based devices. It offers a developer-friendly environment for programming these tiny IoT devices. The code is compiled into a custom VM bytecode, allowing it to run efficiently in constrained environments. The project is an experimental endeavor by Microsoft Research, and they encourage participation and feedback from the community. Contributions are welcome, and there are guidelines regarding the use of trademarks and logos associated with Microsoft and other third-party entities. Detailed documentation is available for further exploration.

  • IsaacMarovitz/Whisky

    Whisky is a user-friendly graphical wrapper for Wine, designed for macOS. With a familiar interface and seamless integration, Whisky allows you to easily create and manage bottles, install Windows apps and games, and unleash your Mac's potential without any technical expertise. Powered by CrossOver 22.1.1 and Apple's Game Porting Toolkit, Whisky offers excellent compatibility for DirectX 11 & 12 titles, while CrossOver is recommended for Vulkan, DirectX 10, and 9. Remember to support CodeWeavers, as Whisky wouldn't exist without their fantastic work.