Vietnamese Cuisine at Home: Vegan Umami Paste & Bánh Mì Creations

Summary of my bookmarked links and videos from Nov 14th, 2023


  • Vegane Umami-Paste mit Pilzen & Erdnüssen – Original Rezept : Asiatische Rezepte aus den Küchen des Fernen Ostens.

    Discover the essence of Vietnamese cuisine with a vegan Umamipaste featuring mushrooms and peanuts. This recipe combines the rich umami flavor of mushrooms with the texture and full aroma of peanuts, complemented by garlic, shallots, and soy sauce. Quick to prepare, this paste serves as a versatile dip for sesame rice crackers, a spread for Banh-Mi sandwiches, or a tasty booster for various vegan dishes. Explore the depths of Vietnamese flavors with this plant-based culinary delight.

  • Veganes Banh-Mi-Sandwich aus Vietnam

    Explore the taste of Vietnam with a vegan twist in this Banh Mi sandwich recipe. Replace traditional pork with flavorful umami mushroom paste and 5-spice tofu, topped with cucumber, tomatoes, and marinated carrots. Drizzle with chili sauce, stuff into crispy baguettes, and enjoy a delicious and healthy snack in just 15 minutes. Check out related recipes for more Vietnamese vegan delights.


  • How to Actually Bake Bánh Mì at Home

    Learn to bake the perfect Bánh Mì bread with this detailed recipe. The quest for a light and crispy texture led to years of experimentation. Using common ingredients like bread flour, water, egg, yeast, sugar, salt, and ascorbic acid, the recipe promises success for home bakers. The video guides you through mixing, resting, shaping, proofing, and baking, emphasizing the importance of a thin, crispy crust. With insightful tips and troubleshooting advice, it's a challenging yet rewarding process. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a novice, the results—a voluminous, thin-crust Bánh Mì—are worth the effort. Enjoy the craft and happy baking!