Versatile AlexaPi Client for Various Platforms and DartScorePython3 for Dart Score Counting with Image Recognition

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Oct 14th, 2017

Github repositories

  • alexa-pi/AlexaPi

    AlexaPi is a versatile client for Amazon's Alexa service, compatible with various platforms including Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, CHIP, and Linux or Windows desktops. It requires a Linux or Windows system, audio peripherals like a 3.5mm Jack speaker or USB Sound Dongle with a microphone, and optionally, a push button and LED for Raspberry Pi. The Installation Guide provides detailed instructions for getting started. For troubleshooting, the Documentation Wiki offers debugging tips, and the Issue Tracker is available for reporting bugs. Additionally, the AlexaPi community can be reached via or Google+.

  • teddycool/DartScore

    DartScorePython3 is a Python3 branch of DartScoreEngine. It simplifies the modules and setups for counting scores in dart using image recognition. The current branch, called 'master', is the only one being maintained. It is a minimum viable product (MVP) with basic functionality, including mounting state for camera setup, calibration state for transforming image streams, and a play state with a simple algorithm for score counting (though not very accurate yet). The project aims to optimize performance, improve the scoring algorithm, add support for IO, configurable GUI, different game types, and more. Prerequisites include Python 3.x, PyGame, OpenCV 3.4.x, and a Raspberry Pi with a network camera.