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Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 15th, 2015

Github repositories

  • xolvio/Letterpress

    Letterpress by is a Meteor application that allows users to create and publish content. It offers features such as Stripe integration for single charge and subscriptions, AWS S3/CloudFront signed URLs for restricted content access, Markdown chapters, and HTML video support. The application is built from scratch using 100% Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). To run Letterpress, clone the repository and execute the "" command. Additionally, offers a book called "The Meteor Testing Manual" for those interested in learning more about testing with Meteor and supporting their work on Velocity and related frameworks.

  • thlorenz/nad

    "nad" (Node Addon Developer) is a useful tool for integrating your addon code with IDEs and debuggers. It allows you to inject your addon code into a copy of the Node.js codebase, facilitating easier integration and debugging. The tool provides various commands like initialization, building, opening the project in Xcode, fetching source code, injecting the project into the Node build, and restoring the original state. By using "nad-bindings" instead of "bindings" in your addon code, you can ensure binding resolution works when running it as an addon or within Node. The tool is licensed under MIT.

  • copleykj/meteor-shower

    Meteor Shower is a dual client/server side form data validation, transformation, and aggregation package for Meteor. It provides a clean validation workflow with features such as same validation logic on both client and server sides, conditional required fields, frontend hooks, and extensibility via an API. The installation can be done using the `meteor add copleykj:shower` command. The validation process involves configuring the form and then performing runtime validation using the `validate()` method. The package also supports transformations and formats for field validation. It offers error management callbacks for handling validation failures and successes. Overall, Meteor Shower provides a comprehensive solution for form validation in Meteor applications.

  • stubailo/meteor-reactive-method

    Meteor Reactive Methods is a package that allows you to call Meteor methods synchronously inside Tracker.autorun computations or template helpers. By using the function, you can retrieve the return value of a method directly. The package ensures that method results are updated whenever their arguments change. Additionally, if you need to obtain a new value from the server for a reactive method with the same arguments, you can utilize the functions ReactiveMethod.invalidateCall or ReactiveMethod.invalidateApply. Note that the package has been deprecated, but a fork is available for further development.