Use Stripe and Appwrite Functions to Build a Subscription-Based Service

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jun 27th, 2023


  • Build a Subscription-Based Service with Stripe and Appwrite Functions in Flutter

    This blog post provides a tutorial on creating a newspaper subscription service in Flutter using Stripe and Appwrite Functions. It introduces the concept of subscriptions and their significance in business models. The post includes an overview of the technologies involved, such as Appwrite Functions and Stripe. It also provides GitHub links to the project source codes. The tutorial covers the prerequisites for following along and guides the reader through the process of setting up a Stripe account, integrating Appwrite Function with Stripe, creating an Appwrite project, and deploying functions. It also explains how to create a Flutter app, install dependencies, and run the project. The post concludes with instructions on building a subscription-based service, including creating models, separating core logic from the UI using a service file, and consuming the service to manage subscriptions.

  • LLM Powered Autonomous Agents

    LLM-powered autonomous agent systems utilize large language models as the core controllers. These systems consist of planning, memory, and tool use components. Planning involves breaking down complex tasks into manageable subgoals and refining actions based on past mistakes. Memory includes short-term memory for in-context learning and long-term memory for retaining and recalling information. External tools, such as APIs, are used to augment the model's capabilities. Additionally, the use of MIPS algorithms and vector store databases enables fast retrieval of information. Equipping LLMs with these components expands their problem-solving abilities.

Github repositories

  • liriliri/eruda

    Eruda is a powerful tool for mobile web debugging. It allows you to inspect and analyze various aspects of your web pages directly on your phone. With features like console logging, DOM inspection, network monitoring, and resource analysis, Eruda provides comprehensive debugging capabilities. It also supports plugins for additional functionality such as performance monitoring, code execution, geolocation testing, and more. Eruda is highly configurable, and you can customize its behavior by passing a configuration object during initialization. If you're looking for a reliable mobile web debugging solution, Eruda is worth exploring.

  • AntonOsika/gpt-engineer

    GPT Engineer is a flexible and easy-to-use code generation tool that allows you to specify what you want to build and then interact with an AI model for code generation. It focuses on providing a high-level prompting experience and enables feedback to the AI for improved results over time. The tool emphasizes fast communication between AI and humans, and all computations are resumable and persisted to the filesystem. You can install it via pip or clone the GitHub repository for development. GPT Engineer offers customization options and the ability to evolve the AI agent's memory through prompt file editing. It also has an active community seeking contributors and maintainers.