Unlocking Game-changing Mermaid Output Formats in ChatGPT for Seamless Visualization

Summary of my bookmarked links from May 24th, 2023


  • Mermaid Output Formats in ChatGPT Are a Game-changer

    ChatGPT has expanded its capabilities to output different formats, including graphs, using a helper app called Mermaid. While waiting for a dedicated plugin, you can generate graphs by copying the ChatGPT code and pasting it into the Live Editor on the Mermaid site. Various graph types are supported, such as complex state diagrams, entity relationship diagrams (ER diagrams), Gantt charts, and user journeys. By leveraging Mermaid's features, ChatGPT enables visually appealing and informative representations for different scenarios. The flexibility of AI-generated content like ChatGPT proves valuable for communication, planning, and problem-solving purposes. A dedicated ChatGPT UI plugin to display these graphs directly would be a fantastic addition.

  • The First Software Development Jobs To Be Replaced By AI

    AI and automation are impacting various industries, and web development agencies are no exception. With the rise of website services like WordPress, Shopify, and Wix, coupled with drag-and-drop tools, the demand for bespoke website design and development has declined. The introduction of AI into the mix further threatens the role of web design agencies. As websites become more pattern-based, the automation of website development through plain language commands becomes inevitable. Services like Wix and Shopify already make use of reusable patterns, and with AI, generating websites from text prompts is entirely possible. The days of creative web design are fading, as websites now primarily aim to inform or sell. Web developers and designers should consider up-skilling for other software and web development roles that tackle larger problems.

  • MPT-7B, The Times of Commercially Usable Language Models Has Come

    Mosaic introduces their newly released MPT-7B model series, which are open-source and commercially available AI models. Trained from scratch on 1 trillion tokens, these models offer impressive performance and stability. The MPT-7B model is the first open-source language model comparable to LLaMA-7B. It also includes a Story-Writer model with an exceptional context length of 65,000+ tokens. Mosaic has trained an instruct model and a chatbot model as well. The MPT-7B models have faster inference speeds and can be deployed easily and affordably. Overall, these models represent significant progress in AI and machine learning, offering potential for various applications.

  • Fika — The Recipe For a Happy Life

    Fika, a Swedish tradition of taking a break to enjoy coffee or tea with pastries, offers a simple yet effective way to improve productivity and well-being. In a society plagued by burnout and stress, incorporating fika into daily routines can reduce work-related stress, recharge the mind, and boost mood and energy levels. Fika also provides an opportunity to strengthen relationships, as it encourages human connections and impromptu conversations. Taking regular breaks, like fika, enhances productivity by replenishing mental resources and providing new perspectives on tasks. Embracing this cultural practice can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life.