Unique Mobile Game with Land Claiming Challenges and Highscores

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 3rd, 2015

Github repositories

  • yauh/walkofclaim

    Walk of Claim is a mobile game that combines elements of Qix and Ingress. The objective is to claim land by walking around and clicking "Claim." Once you reach your starting point and click "Claimed," the land belongs to you. However, be cautious, as crossing paths with another player will result in losing your current claim. The game keeps track of highscores based on the square meters claimed, the number of claims made, and the average claim size. The technology used includes Meteor, Cordova, OpenStreetMap, and Leaflet. For more information, you can refer to the suggested reading link provided.

  • rclai/meteor-ddp-inspector

    DDP Inspector is a client-side tool for capturing and inspecting DDP (data over the wire) activity. It provides a panel that shows the most recent 50 DDP messages and allows for searching using regular expressions. The tool does not log messages to the console by default but can be configured to do so. It also offers features like limiting the result set, preserving search terms on reload, and integrating with the Constellation Console. The package is not meant for production use and is based on code from a StackOverflow post. It is licensed under MIT.

  • fengyuanchen/cropper

    Cropper is a jQuery image cropping plugin that has recently been updated to version 4.0.0 with a new core code, Cropper.js. It offers a simple and efficient way to crop images using JavaScript. The plugin provides two recommended options for integration: Cropper.js, which is a JavaScript image cropper, and jquery-cropper, a jQuery plugin wrapper for Cropper.js. The installation process involves using npm to install Cropper and jQuery. The plugin offers various options, methods, and events for customization and functionality. It is released under the MIT license and follows Semantic Versioning guidelines. Contributions are welcome.

  • JackAdams/temple

    Temple is a developer tool inspired by Sacha Grief and featured on crater.io. It offers visual information about Meteor templates and can be quickly integrated into projects using the command "meteor add babrahams:temple." Once activated with [control] + [T], Temple outlines templates with red borders. Hovering over a template reveals its name and a number indicating the rendered instance since the last browser refresh. Clicking on elements provides access to the data context of the selected element. It's important to note that Temple is a {debugOnly: true} package and won't be included in production builds.

  • JackAdams/constellation

    Constellation is a free, open-source dev console designed for Meteor. It offers extensibility and configurability, allowing developers to add custom tabs called plugins to enhance the console's functionality. Some examples of available plugins include visualizing template information, inspecting DDP traffic, monitoring JavaScript performance, and manipulating data in Session variables. Developers can also create their own plugins by following the provided guidelines. Constellation provides an API for various operations, such as checking console activity, adding and managing tabs, and controlling visibility of collections. It can be toggled using the Control + C shortcut.