Transitioning from Engineer to CTO and Voice Coding with Cursorless

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Nov 10th, 2023


  • The Stressful Leap from Engineer to CTO

    Transitioning from engineer to CTO presents challenges highlighted in the personal journey of Dragan, a skilled software developer turned CTO. Dragan faced a steep learning curve, isolation from team dynamics, and the shift from hands-on coding to strategic planning. This experience resonates with other CTOs, such as Shekhar Gulati and Vadim Kravcenko, who emphasize the challenging, lonely nature of the role. Key skills for a CTO include leadership, business acumen, risk management, and a passion for technology. While the role demands sacrifices, it offers the reward of shaping a company's vision and culture.

Github repositories

  • cursorless-dev/cursorless

    Cursorless introduces a spoken language for structural code editing, empowering developers to code by voice at unprecedented speeds. This extension, currently dependent on Talon, enhances productivity through high-level semantic manipulation of structured text. Explore the documentation and videos for detailed insights, and if you're a fan of GIFs, you're in for a treat. Check out installation instructions and customizable extension settings, contributing to a seamless coding experience. Keep an eye on the known issues section for troubleshooting, and contribute to the project's development. License: MIT.