The Story of the Angry German Kid and MongoDB's Query Language

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Feb 22nd, 2023


  • Ausgerastet und abgestürzt: Der Fall des Angry German Kid | ZAPP | NDR

    The video titled "Ausgerastet und abgestürzt: Der Fall des Angry German Kid" explores the story of Norman Kochanowski, also known as the Angry German Kid. The video highlights how Norman's video, where he rages while playing a computer game, went viral and spiraled out of control. It was later revealed that the video was staged, but its spread caused significant consequences in Norman's life. He faced online bullying, false portrayals in the media, and even contemplated a misguided solution to escape the attention. The video sheds light on the impact of viral fame and the difficulties faced by individuals caught in such situations.

Github repositories

  • kofrasa/mingo

    "Mingo" is a MongoDB query language for in-memory objects. It provides support for various query and projection operators, including array operators, bitwise operators, comparison operators, element operators, evaluation operators, logical operators, projection operators, and more. It also supports aggregation variables and allows filtering and aggregation using streaming. The library can be installed via npm and used as an ES6 module or in vanilla Node.js. It offers extensive documentation and can be used for transforming objects, validating MongoDB queries, and more. "Mingo" is licensed under MIT.