The Pitfalls of Overusing Arrow Functions & the High Cost in Tech

Summary of my bookmarked links from Dec 6th, 2022


  • It's 2022, Don't Abuse the Arrow Function Anymore

    Arrow functions provide convenience but come with certain disadvantages. The article highlights some cases where arrow functions should be avoided to ensure proper functionality and avoid unexpected behavior.

  • The Hidden Cost of High Salaries in Tech

    This article explores the drawbacks of working in the tech industry despite its high salaries and enticing benefits. It highlights common expectations, such as intense workloads, pager duty, and the need for diverse skills beyond coding. Tech workers are constantly evaluated and can easily become targets during tough times. Companies have rebranded themselves to attract skilled labor, emphasizing a friendly and fun work environment. However, the author warns against sacrificing personal life for work and reminds readers to prioritize their own happiness and goals. The real cost of a high tech salary is seen as the time spent building someone else's dream.