Teensy Loader and USB Power Control

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 15th, 2020

Github repositories

  • PaulStoffregen/teensy_loader_cli

    Teensy Loader provides a command line version for advanced users who prefer automation. To compile, ensure you have gcc or mingw installed, edit the Makefile to select your OS, and run "make". Supported platforms include Ubuntu, Mac OS-X, Windows XP, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and NT-based Windows. Additional packages like "libusb-dev" may be required on some systems. Command line usage involves specifying the target processor using "--mcu=" and the hex file to load. Optional parameters allow waiting for device appearance, hard/soft reboot, and more. Integration with Makefile and PlatformIO is supported. System-specific setups and troubleshooting tips are provided.

  • codazoda/hub-ctrl.c

    hub-ctrl.c is a program that enables the control of USB power on a port-by-port basis for certain USB hubs. It requires the USB hub to have the necessary hardware for software-controlled power switching. To compile the program, libusb-dev and the GCC tool chain are prerequisites. The executable binary is named hub-ctrl. Power control can be achieved by specifying the hub, port, and power status through command-line arguments. The program also allows control based on BUS and DEV numbers of connected devices. A list of hubs known to support power switching is provided. hub-ctrl.c is released under the GNU General Public License.