system Design Concepts, UX without Cookies and Soul Food

Summary of my bookmarked links from Apr 10th, 2023


  • 16 System Design Concepts I Wish I Knew Before the Interview.

    The blog discusses essential concepts for software engineers to master system design. It emphasizes the importance of understanding key concepts such as load balancing, caching, partitioning, replication, databases, and proxies. The author provides a comprehensive description of 16 essential system design concepts, including DNS, load balancers, API gateways, CDNs, caching, data partitioning, database replication, and more. The blog also introduces a system design master template to guide individuals in answering system design interview questions. Each concept is briefly explained, highlighting its significance in modern distributed systems.

  • Bite into privacy: the future of personalised UX in a cookieless web

    With the impending demise of third-party cookies due to privacy changes, advertisers and website owners are faced with the challenge of delivering personalized user experiences without relying on traditional tracking methods. The article discusses the history and impact of cookies, the rise of privacy regulations like GDPR, and explores alternative technologies and practices that can be used to achieve similar goals. It highlights approaches such as browser fingerprinting, local storage, contextual advertising, consent-based tracking, and initiatives like Google's Privacy Sandbox. The article emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt to the cookieless future by exploring alternatives and revising their marketing strategies to ensure continued innovation and user engagement.

  • Soul Food: Is Delicious Damn The Lies.

    The blog post discusses the author's reflections on soul food and its significance. It explores the historical roots of soul food, born out of necessity and ingenuity during times of slavery. The author shares personal experiences and emotions associated with soul food, including childhood aversions and later appreciation. The post also touches on the appropriation of soul food by white chefs and the rising prices of traditional soul food ingredients. Overall, it emphasizes the cultural significance and resilience of soul food in the face of adversity.