Sync Bridge and Leaked Xcode 15

Summary of my bookmarked links from Apr 7th, 2023


  • Building a Sync Bridge

    This article discusses the challenges of adapting event-driven APIs to promises in JavaScript. Event-driven architecture (EDA) enables rich web experiences but can lead to code structuring issues. The article presents a solution to convert event-based APIs into convenient, promise-based APIs, simplifying message passing and allowing for linear code across application boundaries. It compares the traditional request/response model to EDA and explains the advantages of event-driven systems. The article introduces the concept of a Sync Bridge, which converts an event stream into a synchronous interface using promises. It provides code examples and demonstrates how the Sync Bridge can be applied to complex applications.

  • Xcode 15 Leaked. Here is What iOS Developers Can Expect

    Xcode 15, the latest Apple leak, is generating buzz with its revolutionary features. Although it has some limitations, such as the inability to upload apps using its advanced features to the App Store, Xcode 15 offers exciting enhancements. The addition of AI code completion provides auto-completion and code annotations, while augmented reality coding allows developers to visualize errors in their colleagues' code. Time travel debugging lets programmers go back in time to troubleshoot their code, and voice-activated coding allows natural language interaction. Despite a few quirks, Xcode 15 promises to revolutionize the coding experience.