Swift Bluetooth LE Sensor Manager

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 8th, 2021

Github repositories

  • codeinversion/sensors-swift

    Swifty Sensors is a Bluetooth LE Sensor Manager for iOS and macOS, written in Swift 3.0. It provides a straightforward API for scanning, connecting to, and interacting with Bluetooth LE sensors. The library supports services such as cycling power, cycling speed and cadence, heart rate, and device information. Installation can be done through CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager. Swifty Sensors uses Signals for event observation, and it offers concrete classes for working with Bluetooth LE sensors. Customization is possible by extending the provided classes. The library also includes serializers for characteristic data serialization/deserialization. No known bugs are reported, and there are plans to implement more official BLE specs.