Styled Components and Maps for React

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 20th, 2021

Github repositories

  • styled-components/styled-components

    styled-components is a CSS-in-JS library that simplifies styling components in React and React Native. It utilizes tagged template literals and CSS power to write CSS code directly in components. The library eliminates the need for mapping components to styles and supports both React and React Native, making it suitable for universal apps. The documentation provides detailed information on getting started, API reference, theming, server-side rendering, and tagged template literals. The blog post also mentions upgrading from version 4 and includes installation instructions. Additionally, it highlights community contributions, backer support, and licensing information.

  • visgl/react-map-gl

    React-map-gl is a collection of React components that offer an API for mapbox-gl or maplibre-gl. It requires React version 16.3 or higher and can be installed using npm. The documentation provides further details on installation and design philosophy. Starting from version 2.0, mapbox-gl requires a Mapbox token for usage, and various methods are available to provide the token to the app. Contribute to the project by following the contribution guide. React-map-gl is a project supported by and the Urban Computing Foundation.