Streamline Meteor App Management with Roles and ViewModel

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 16th, 2015

Github repositories

  • nicolaslopezj/roles

    The "Roles" package for Meteor is a comprehensive solution for managing roles within your application. It introduces a new approach to roles by focusing on actions and their corresponding role responses. Adding roles to users is made easy with simple functions like `Roles.addUserToRoles(userId, roles)` and `Roles.setUserRoles(userId, roles)`. You can also remove roles using `Roles.removeUserFromRoles(userId, roles)`. The package provides helpers for checking user roles and advanced features like defining actions and their responses for each role. It also offers GraphQL integration, debugging options, and migration instructions for version 2.0.

  • ManuelDeLeon/viewmodel

    ViewModel is a simplified view layer for Meteor, providing a streamlined alternative to frameworks like Angular, Knockout, Aurelia, and Vue. It eliminates the need for excessive boilerplate code, allowing you to achieve more with less. Notable features include automatic state saving during hot code pushes, URL-based state storage, component reusability as controls, state sharing between components, view composition through mixins, inline/scoped styles, and improved error messages. Visit for comprehensive documentation and examples. Additionally, the website offers a help section for any inquiries, comments, feedback, or discussions related to ViewModel and Meteor.