Streamline Machine Learning and Kubernetes Deployment for Effortless Operations

Summary of my bookmarked links from Aug 8th, 2023


  • Machine learning in a few clicks

    Liner - Simplifying Machine Learning: Train machine learning models effortlessly with Liner. No coding required. Import data, train the model, and deploy it easily. Choose from various project templates like image, text, audio, video classification, object detection, and more. Liner is optimized for speed and accuracy, with edge device compatibility. Protect your data, suggest new features, and enjoy a user-friendly interface. Available for Windows and Mac. Completely free, locally trained, and beginner-friendly.

  • Kubernetes Exposed: One Yaml away from Disaster

    An alarming investigation reveals the potential catastrophe of Kubernetes (k8s) clusters falling into the wrong hands. Over 350 exposed clusters were found, with 60% breached, leading to malware deployment. Common misconfigurations, like anonymous access and exposed 'kubectl' proxy, pose risks. Exposed clusters contained valuable assets, secrets, credentials, and sensitive data, even affecting Fortune 500 companies. Ongoing attacks, including cryptocurrency mining campaigns, exploit vulnerabilities. The study highlights the need for proper cluster security and access management to prevent catastrophic breaches.