Streamline Forex Trading and Create Menubar Desktop Apps with MoneyBot and Menubar Modules

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Oct 24th, 2015

Github repositories

  • benstr/moneybot

    MoneyBot is a web app created by Ben Strahan for Forex trading. It analyzes the daily percent change of Forex currency pairs and suggests the top 10 pairs to trade. The strategy involves identifying the strongest and weakest currencies each Monday and selecting 2 pairs from different timeframes. Trades are placed with specific parameters, such as units being 20% of cash balance and no stop loss. The system focuses on maintaining trades based on predicted movements, adjusting take profit levels, and placing orders at support and resistance lines. Important notes include using Oanda as a broker, starting with a practice account, and avoiding losses and greed. Advanced methods are suggested for experienced traders to increase earning potential.

  • maxogden/menubar

    Menubar is a lightweight module that simplifies the creation of menubar desktop applications using Electron. With only one dependency, it provides boilerplate code to set up a menubar application by directing it to your index.html file. Menubar works on macOS, Windows, and most Linux distributions and has a minified and gzipped size of only 3.6kB. It offers various options for customization, including window position, icon selection, tooltip text, and more. Menubar is compatible with multiple versions of Electron, making it a versatile choice for developing menubar desktop applications.