Streamline 360-Degree Spins and Session Variable Management with JavaScript Methods and Meteor Packages

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 25th, 2015

Github repositories

  • juancabrera/three60

    three60() is a straightforward JavaScript method that enables the creation of a seamless and interactive 360-degree spin with inertia for both mobile and desktop platforms. To utilize it, simply include a canvas element with an ID of "hat" in your HTML. The dimensions of the canvas will be automatically adjusted by three60. In JavaScript, instantiate a new instance of three60 using the provided syntax, specifying the canvas ID, image path, and the total number of frames. The demo for this functionality can be found at The code is licensed under MIT by Juan Cabrera.

  • msavin/JetSetter

    JetSetter is a development package for Meteor that offers a convenient way to manage Session variables without entering the console. It scans and displays all Session variables in the browser, allowing easy viewing and modification. JetSetter is activated by pressing Control + M or using Session.set("MeteorToys_display", true). The package can be installed with a simple command and is designed to work with Mongol. For advanced features like watching reactive variables and dictionaries and inline editing, JetSetter Pro is available as part of the Meteor Toys suite. More details can be found on the Meteor Toys website.