Streaming Databases, LangChain Framework, AutoGPT, Metaverse Struggles, Secret Paths and Mushroom Ketchup

Summary of my bookmarked links and videos from May 10th, 2023


  • Introduction to Streaming Databases

    A streaming database is a real-time data repository designed to store and process data streams continuously. It enables instant data analysis and updates query outcomes in real-time. Streaming databases can be categorized into various types, including NoSQL, NewSQL, time-series, and in-memory databases. Unlike traditional relational databases, streaming databases immediately process data upon arrival and provide continuous learning experiences. They find applications in social media analysis, user behavior tracking, and decision-making based on real-time analysis. Popular streaming databases include Materialize, Memgraph, Rockset, Vectorized, and Kafka, each offering unique features and pricing plans.

  • Getting Started with LangChain: A Beginner’s Guide to Building LLM-Powered Applications

    LangChain is a framework that simplifies the development of applications powered by large language models (LLMs) in Python. It provides a generic interface to different foundation models, a framework for prompt management, and a central interface to various components such as long-term memory, external data, other LLMs, and tools. With LangChain, you can build personal assistants, chatbots, and perform analysis or summarization of documents or code. The framework covers six key modules, including models for choosing different LLMs, prompts for managing LLM inputs, chains for combining LLMs with other components, indexes for accessing external data, memory for remembering previous conversations, and agents for accessing supplementary tools.

  • AutoGPT is Taking Over the Internet: Here Are the Incredible Use Cases That Will Blow Your Mind

    AutoGPT is a versatile AI tool that is revolutionizing various sectors. It can automate tasks and improve productivity, acting as an intelligent intern. For programmers, it can identify tables in databases and generate SQL queries, saving time and effort. Additionally, it can browse the web to discover upcoming events and invent unique recipes. AutoGPT is also capable of conducting AI-powered research, providing comprehensive analyses of products such as headphones. Moreover, it can build websites in just three minutes, streamlining the web development process. Furthermore, it can automate work on Discord, and even create podcasts without human intervention. AutoGPT offers endless possibilities for streamlining work and boosting efficiency.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Just Buried His Metaverse Dreams

    Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious Metaverse dreams have taken a major hit as Meta, formerly known as Facebook, faced significant losses. Reality Labs, the division responsible for Metaverse projects, reported a cumulative loss of nearly $24 billion in 2021 and 2022. Despite investor concerns, Zuckerberg remained committed to the Metaverse and projected further rising costs. However, the stock plummeted, prompting Meta to prioritize efficiency by cutting employees and signaling a shift towards artificial intelligence (A.I.). This move reflects a desperate attempt to stay relevant as the Metaverse fails to gain traction and enthusiasm. The future looks uncertain for Zuckerberg's grand vision.


  • The Secret Behind Disneyland's Pathways #shorts

    In this short video, the creator discusses the secret behind Disneyland's pathways. They talk about desire paths, which are alternative routes created by people who find the formal walkways time-consuming. Initially, Disneyland didn't have many fences, so guests started creating their own paths. To accommodate this, Walt Disney decided to pave these pathways to make navigation easier for visitors. This interesting insight into the design choices at Disneyland sheds light on the impact of user behavior on park infrastructure.

  • This theme park worker is hilarious 😂 @Richardgroff82

    In this hilarious video by Richardgroff82, an amusement park worker plays pranks on unsuspecting roller coaster riders. He tricks them into thinking there are issues with the ride, like missing seatbelts or malfunctioning chains. The video captures their funny reactions as they plummet down the coaster. This theme park worker's creative and mischievous antics make for an entertaining watch.

  • Food That Time Forgot: Mushroom Ketchup

    "Mushroom Ketchup: A Forgotten Delicacy from the 18th Century" is a fascinating video that explores the history and preparation of mushroom ketchup, a sauce that was commonly used in Great Britain but forgotten in North America. Unlike the tomato-based ketchup we know today, mushroom ketchup was a sauce made from mushrooms and various spices. The video takes us through the process of making mushroom ketchup using button mushrooms, salt, and a blend of spices. The resulting sauce is described as flavorful, complex, and versatile, complementing dishes like steaks and scrambled eggs. Additionally, the leftover mushrooms can be dried and ground into a powder, which serves as a unique and savory spice. Overall, mushroom ketchup offers a delightful taste of the past and an opportunity to explore forgotten culinary traditions.