Steve Jobs' Impact on Apple and Asynchronous Standups

Summary of my bookmarked links from Oct 1st, 2023


  • Your daily standup should be asynchronous. Here’s why

    Asynchronous daily standup meetings offer a modern alternative to traditional synchronous ones, benefiting remote and distributed teams. Two options are explored: 1) Team members share updates at their convenience within a dedicated platform, providing concise updates accessible to all time zones. 2) AI-driven solutions automate summarization, reducing bias and saving time. The advantages of asynchronous standups include equal participation, flexibility, efficiency, automatic documentation, and improved update quality. AI tools like Stepsize AI can enhance collaboration by intelligently summarizing project activities and answering questions. Tools like ClickUp, Stepsize AI, and ScrumGenius offer various approaches to asynchronous standups, making them accessible for diverse team needs in the tech-assisted world.

  • The Key To Steve Jobs Was a Lock

    Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was a complex figure known for his "Good Steve" and "Bad Steve" personas. Despite his often abrasive behavior, his gift of genius and desire for excellence inspired those around him. Jobs believed in the "100X theory," seeking exceptionally talented individuals to drive innovation. He nurtured creativity by providing a safe space for making mistakes. He understood the value of problem solvers in the technology industry and implemented a Creative Protocol to shield creative ideas until they were ready for scrutiny. Jobs' approach to fostering excellence and innovation made Apple a global powerhouse.