Stefan Raab exposes Vincent Raven on TV total - Shocking Revelation!

Summary of my bookmarked videos from Nov 22nd, 2017


  • Panne! Stefan Raab entlarvt Vincent Raven - TV total

    Stefan Raab exposes Vincent Raven's tricks from "The Next Uri Geller" and hilariously parodies them. Raven, dressed in a long black coat, attempts various illusions, including a voodoo doll ritual with assistance from a former Germany's Next Topmodel contestant. Despite some mishaps, such as accidentally burning a sticker instead of his chest, Raven manages to locate an amulet hidden among audience members' boxes. Raab humorously criticizes Raven's performance and playfully renames himself "Stefan Raven." The act concludes with Marina, an assistant, piercing the voodoo doll in non-lethal and then potentially dangerous areas, resulting in applause and laughter.