Startup Funding, VR Gaming, Real-Time Databases and More

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jul 10th, 2023


  • Don't Take VC Funding - It Will Destroy Your Company

    The article discusses the misconceptions and realities of venture capital (VC) funding for startups. It emphasizes that receiving VC funding is not a measure of success but rather a confession of a company's inability to become profitable with existing resources. The author highlights the consequences of VC funding, such as the shift in objectives towards building a company for sale and the pressure to focus on growth rather than profitability. The article suggests alternative approaches, like bootstrapping and starting with consulting, to avoid the downsides associated with VC funding.

Github repositories

  • alvr-org/ALVR

    ALVR (Air Light VR) allows users to stream VR games from their PC to their headset using Wi-Fi. It incorporates technologies like Asynchronous Timewarp and Fixed Foveated Rendering to enhance the gaming experience. ALVR is compatible with various VR headsets, including Quest, Pico, Vive Focus, and YVR, among others. While ALVR offers support for Windows 8, 10, and 11, Linux support is still in beta. To use ALVR, users need a supported standalone VR headset, SteamVR, a high-end gaming PC, and a 5GHz wireless or Ethernet wired connection. Installation, troubleshooting, and customization information can be found on the ALVR website. The project is licensed under the MIT License and supports donations.

  • preactjs/signals

    Signals is a performant state management library that aims to make writing business logic for apps easy and efficient. It optimizes state updates to ensure fast app performance without requiring manual intervention. The library seamlessly integrates into frameworks, such as Preact and React, without the need for additional wrappers or selectors. Signals can be accessed directly, and components automatically re-render when the signal's value changes. The library provides functions like signal, computed, effect, and batch, which are building blocks for modeling business logic. Signals simplifies state management and enhances rendering optimizations for a smoother app experience.

  • share/sharedb

    ShareDB is a real-time database backend that utilizes Operational Transformation (OT) for JSON documents. It serves as the real-time backend for the DerbyJS web application framework, offering features such as concurrent multi-user collaboration, real-time query subscriptions, and access to historic document versions. It supports simple integration with any database, scalability through pub/sub integration, and provides middleware for implementing access control and custom extensions. ShareDB is suitable for both browsers and server usage, and it supports offline change syncing upon reconnection. You can find documentation and examples on their website.