Squash-Rebase-Merge Workflow

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Dec 29th, 2023


  • Why more and more repos are banning merge commits

    Title: Embracing the Squash-Rebase-Merge Workflow for Faster DevelopmentExplore the ongoing merge vs. rebase debate in git workflows. With a rising preference for trunk-based development, this article advocates for the squash-rebase-and-merge workflow. Large tech companies and fast-moving startups are increasingly favoring rebase over merge commits, creating cleaner histories. While the rebase process can be intimidating, tools like Graphite CLI automate the complexity, enabling smoother collaboration and avoiding messy merge conflicts. Join the trend towards a tidier codebase by trying the squash-rebase-merge workflow for faster, unblocked development.

  • Ask HN: What are good books/blogs to read for a first time CTO?

    For aspiring CTOs, the recommended resources depend on your specific situation. If you're a tech lead of a small team, check out "Staff Engineer's Path" by Tanya Reilly. If leading a large organization, "An Elegant Puzzle" by Will Larson is recommended. Those transitioning from engineering to management can explore "Becoming an Effective Software Engineering Manager" by James Stanier or "Engineering Management for the Rest of Us" by Sarah Drasner. Additionally, consider Gergely Orosz's "Pragmatic Engineer" newsletter for practical templates. For startup founders, focus on building and testing the product, and beware of distractions. Balancing learning and action is crucial.

Github repositories

  • jasonjmcghee/rem

    "Rem" is an open-source tool for locally recording everything viewed on Apple Silicon computers. In its alpha version, the project invites contributions and bug reports. The idea is to revolutionize computer interaction by recording and making it open source, emphasizing privacy and security. Users can download or build the app, grant screen recording access, and navigate a timeline of recorded content. Currently supporting time-traveling through history, text copying, and search, Rem aims to add features like natural language search and multi-monitor support. The code and data remain entirely local for user privacy.