Spotlight API and Meteor Kitchen

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 12th, 2015

Github repositories

  • nate-parrott/Flashlight

    Flashlight is an unofficial Spotlight API that enables programmatically processing queries and adding extra results. While it's no longer maintained, a more recent fork called w0lfschild's fork is available for El Capitan and Sierra. Flashlight serves as the missing plugin system for Spotlight, allowing users to suggest and create plugins. Contributions to the Flashlight core and plugins are welcome, and localization efforts are ongoing. The app features iOS-style switches and utilizes code injection and the ZipZap library. To support the project, users can write plugins, contribute to GitHub issues, or share the app on social media.

  • perak/kitchen-site

    The Meteor Kitchen site source code is available on GitHub and serves as an example application for the Meteor Kitchen GUI. Although the GUI has been replaced with a new version, this repository remains relevant. To use it, ensure that "Meteor Kitchen" is installed, navigate to the directory, and run the specified commands. Additionally, there are instructional videos by Barton Hammond showcasing the functionality of the Todo App and its integration with collections.