Simplify Template Logic and Enhance Security with Controller and Package Scan Meteor Packages

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 28th, 2015

Github repositories

  • themeteorchef/controller

    Controller is an API that simplifies and organizes template logic. It offers a cleaner syntax for defining template logic, resulting in reduced code redundancy and improved readability. By using Controller, you can easily tidy up your template logic with fewer keystrokes. The API supports various template methods, such as rendering, destruction, helpers, and events. Additionally, Controller provides a test suite based on TinyTest to ensure the integrity of your logic. Contributing to Controller is encouraged, and the package is licensed under the MIT License.

  • East5th/package-scan

    Package Scan is a Meteor package designed to enhance security by detecting and warning against the use of packages with known security issues. It parses your versions file and compares the packages in your project with a list of vulnerable packages. If a match is found, an alert describing the issue is logged. Package Scan is a debug-only package, ensuring it is not included in your production application. You can ignore alerts for specific packages by configuring the settings.json file. It encourages community support and involvement for maintaining and improving the list of alerts. Contributions, including pull requests, are welcome.