Secure Cross-Platform File Transfer & Ultra-Light State Management for TypeScript Apps

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 1st, 2021

Github repositories

  • schollz/croc

    croc is a command-line file-transfer tool that enables secure and easy transfer of files and folders between any two computers. It stands out as the only tool that supports data transfer through a relay, provides end-to-end encryption using PAKE, and allows cross-platform compatibility. It supports multiple file transfers, resuming interrupted transfers, and does not require a local server or port-forwarding. Additionally, it offers features like IPv6-first with IPv4 fallback and proxy support. Detailed installation instructions for various platforms are available, along with usage examples and configurable options.

  • pmndrs/jotai

    Jotai is a state management library that can replace useState and scale to suit enterprise TypeScript applications. It has a minimal core API of just 2kb and offers various utilities and integrations. With Jotai, you can create primitive atoms representing state, use atoms in components like React.useState, create derived atoms with computed values, combine multiple atoms to create derived atoms, and even create writable and write-only atoms. Async actions are also supported. Jotai provides extensive documentation and a course for further learning. Visit the Jotai website for more information.