Seaweed Farming, Mindful Drinking, and Web Tools

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Aug 12th, 2023


  • Seaweed is easy to grow, sustainable and nutritious. But it’ll never be kale.

    Seaweed farming presents a compelling case for sustainable agriculture. Charlie Yarish, aka "Captain Seaweed," advocates growing native seaweed species due to their positive environmental impact. Paul Dobbins, co-owner of Ocean Approved, harvests sugar kelp off Maine's coast, benefiting both the environment and local economy. Seaweed's rapid growth and nutrient absorption capabilities make it an eco-friendly option. Though nutritional benefits vary among seaweed species, kelp stands out as a nutritious source of iron, folate, and vitamin K. Seaweed's potential health advantages, including possible antiviral and anti-obesity properties, remain subjects of scientific exploration. However, high iodine content and unfamiliar taste pose challenges. Integrating seaweed into existing dishes and innovative developments, like bacon-flavored dulse, could drive its adoption as a sustainable and nutritious food source.

  • Alkoholfreie Alternativen

    The Mindful Drinking Club in Berlin offers a curated range of alcohol-free beverages, including juices, kombucha, sparkling tea, and non-alcoholic wines. They provide workshops, consultation for high-quality alternatives, and a selection of aperitifs. The club focuses on promoting conscious and inclusive drinking culture by offering a variety of alcohol-free options. They recently removed natural wines from their inventory, now featuring ciders and pomquettes as alcoholic alternatives. Customers and partners can explore a diverse array of drinks, from classic to innovative, catering to various tastes. Stay updated on new products and events through their platform.

  • how I use chatgpt

    This blog post reflects the author's evolving perspective on using ChatGPT for various tasks. Initially skeptical of its utility, the author eventually embraced its potential as a helpful tool, especially for language-related tasks. They emphasize the importance of understanding how ChatGPT works and adapting their approach to suit its capabilities. The post highlights areas where ChatGPT excels, such as language tasks, translations, and summarizations. The author also discusses using ChatGPT for learning, generating code, and even assisting with historical text analysis. While acknowledging the tool's limitations and potential pitfalls, the author suggests that ChatGPT, particularly version 4, can serve as a valuable research and clerical assistant, particularly in fields like the humanities.

Github repositories

  • Barnabas/astro-minisearch

    Astro is a modern web build tool, while MiniSearch is an in-memory fulltext search engine for both Node and browsers. The project combines these tools, featuring a monorepo structure with an emphasis on the astro-minisearch package. Development involves using changesets, and releases are automated through GitHub actions upon PR merges.