SaaS Kits, PocketBase and Litestream

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Jan 2nd, 2024


  • Useful SaaS Kits and Starter Templates for developers to build your next project faster

    Discover a collection of time-saving SaaS kits and starter templates for rapid project development. Explore options like ShipFast - a comprehensive NextJS boilerplate for SaaS and AI apps, Divjoy for accelerated product and landing page creation, and Wave Free, the ultimate Software as a Service Starter Kit with features like authentication, subscriptions, and more. Find tailored solutions for various frameworks, such as Next.js, Nuxt 3, Ruby on Rails, Django, and more, ensuring a head start in launching your projects efficiently.

Github repositories

  • pocketbase/pocketbase

    PocketBase is an open-source Go backend offering an embedded SQLite database with realtime subscriptions, built-in files and users management, an Admin dashboard UI, and a simple REST-ish API. It can be used as a standalone app or as a Go framework, allowing custom app-specific business logic with a single portable executable. Official SDK clients are available for JavaScript and Dart. Note that it's under active development, and backward compatibility is not guaranteed until v1.0.0. Installation and testing instructions are provided. Contributions and donations for development are welcome.Link to PocketBase Documentation

  • benbjohnson/litestream

    Litestream is a standalone disaster recovery tool for SQLite, serving as a background process that incrementally replicates changes to another file or S3. It ensures data integrity by communicating solely through the SQLite API. Join the Litestream Slack for support or contribute via GitHub Discussions. Installation instructions and documentation are available on the Litestream website. Although initially closed to external contributions, Litestream now accepts bug fixes, not features. Special thanks to contributors, including Cory LaNou, Michael Lynch, Kurt Mackey, Sam Weston, and others. Acknowledgments extend to for their support and credits.