RSLint & Actualbudget

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 6th, 2022

Github repositories

  • rslint/rslint

    RSLint is a fast and memory-efficient CLI linter for JavaScript and TypeScript. It offers speed and low memory footprint by utilizing parallelism and optimizing memory usage. The CLI provides sensible defaults and error recovery, allowing accurate on-the-fly linting. RSLint supports native TypeScript and includes understandable errors with suggestions for fixing issues. It features strongly typed rule configuration, powerful directives, and a standalone binary that doesn't require any runtime. The project has a clean layout, easy rule declaration, and a full fidelity syntax tree. RSLint is licensed under the MIT license.

  • actualbudget/actual

    Actualbudget is a free and open-source personal finance tool written in NodeJS. It offers local-first functionality with synchronization across devices. To contribute or learn about the development process, check out their contributing document. The tool can be easily installed using npm or by utilizing the actual-server project for syncing changes. Extensive community documentation covers topics such as budgeting, account management, tips, tricks, and developer resources. The project consists of different packages, including loot-core, desktop-client, and desktop-electron. Users can view and vote for current feature requests, and sponsors contribute to the project's success.