Role of a CTO and Rust-based Terminal Setup

Summary of my bookmarked links from Nov 16th, 2022


  • What should a CTO/Head of Engineering do?

    This blog post discusses the challenges of scaling up tech teams and provides insights and mental models for engineering leaders. It emphasizes the four key aspects for CTOs or Heads of Engineering: attracting talented individuals by creating a compelling story, navigating the transition from a monolithic architecture to a more scalable one, establishing effective communication tools and processes, and determining the right timing for team expansion.

  • The BEST Fully Rust-based Terminal Setup

    This blog post provides a quick overview of a developer setup using terminal and Rust-based tools. The author emphasizes the benefits of Rust as a memory safe language and highlights the simplicity and flexibility of a terminal-only workflow. The post recommends various tools, starting with a terminal emulator called Warp, and mentions alternatives like Alacritty and iTerm. Other tools mentioned include Zellij as a terminal multiplexer, Nushell as a modern shell, Starship as a fast and customizable prompt, and Exa as a visually enhanced alternative to "ls." The post concludes by mentioning additional Rust-powered CLI tools such as ripgrep, fd, zoxide, and hyperfine. Overall, the post provides insights into the author's preferred tools for a streamlined developer setup.