Rocket Engine Development & TimesFM

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from May 8th, 2024


  • Building a Rocket Engine from Scratch

    The E2 Engine, known for its simplicity and resilience, has achieved impressive milestones in durability and performance. Developed from scratch by ABL, it boasts a Gas Generator Cycle and single-shaft turbopump, running on Jet-A and Liquid Oxygen. The engine's design journey, led by an unconventional but resourceful team, highlights the meticulous process of creating a reliable propulsion system. From pioneering clean sheet designs to optimizing intricate components like turbopumps and injectors, the E2 Engine represents a blend of ingenuity and practical engineering, propelling ABL's rocket program towards success.

Github repositories

  • google-research/timesfm

    TimesFM TimesFM, a pretrained time-series foundation model by Google Research, aids in time-series forecasting. The accompanying repository offers code to load public checkpoints and run inference. Its first open model, timesfm-1.0-200m, focuses on univariate forecasting, offering point forecasts up to 512 timepoints with fixed parameters. Installation instructions and usage details are provided, including forecasting from array inputs or pandas dataframes with frequency indicators. While default frequencies are suggested, they can be customized for specific needs.