REST over DDP and Meteor SEO Enhancements

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 12th, 2016

Github repositories

  • okgrow/rest2ddp

    REST2DDP Meteor Atmosphere Package is a tool that converts REST APIs into DDP publications, enabling reactive consumption by client-side applications. The package is currently on hiatus, with no active development due to resource constraints and uncertain future support. However, bug fixes will still be addressed, while feature requests may not be. The package requires a Meteor collection for interaction, and configuration settings are stored in global objects. Subscribing to REST2DDP publications on the client or server side involves passing parameters and optional headers. The package currently supports JSON APIs and welcomes contributions.

  • kadirahq/meteor-dochead

    DocHead for Meteor is an isomorphic tool that allows easy manipulation of document.head for Meteor apps. It provides a single API to set title and meta tags in both the client and server. In the server side, it integrates with FlowRouter SSR. The API includes functions to set the title, get the document title, add meta tags, add link tags, add JSON-LD scripts, load scripts dynamically on the client side, and remove added tags. It's a useful package for managing SEO and metadata in Meteor applications.