REST for Meteor and Blaze Animations

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 29th, 2015

Github repositories

  • stubailo/meteor-rest

    The "simple:rest" repository is an archived GitHub project that provides a set of packages for making a Meteor app accessible over HTTP and DDP (Distributed Data Protocol). The packages include features such as defining server-side routes, handling errors, enabling password login, and authenticating users via tokens. The repository aims to facilitate integration with native mobile apps or querying data from other frameworks like Rails or PHP. It has 383 stars and 84 forks, and is released under the MIT license.

  • gwendall/meteor-blaze-animations

    Meteor Template Animations is a package that provides a simple API for animating DOM elements with Meteor. It dynamically sets classes to DOM elements upon insertion or removal. By using the package, you can specify animations for elements within a container, including fade-in and fade-out effects. The package also supports initial animations for already rendered elements. If you're interested in contributing to the project, you can reach out to the developer at [email protected]. Check out the demo code for a complete example. Please note that the package is no longer maintained.