Repackage Videos On-The-Fly with Adaptive Bitrate & Multi-Codec Support

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Aug 13th, 2020

Github repositories

  • kaltura/nginx-vod-module

    The NGINX-based VOD Packager is a video packager project that allows on-the-fly repackaging of MP4 files into formats such as DASH, HDS, HLS, and MSS. It supports adaptive bitrate, playlist playback, simulated live streaming, and fallback support for file not found. The packager can handle various video and audio codecs, including H264, H265, AV1, VP8, VP9, AAC, MP3, AC-3, E-AC-3, VORBIS, OPUS, FLAC, and DTS. It also provides features like caption support, alternative audio renditions, track selection, playback rate change, source file clipping, thumbnail capture, volume mapping, encryption/decryption, and more.