Remote Dev Tool & IoT Analysis

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 29th, 2019

Github repositories

  • mutagen-io/mutagen

    Mutagen is a remote development tool that facilitates working with code in remote environments such as cloud servers and containers. It offers real-time file synchronization and network forwarding, supporting various scenarios like synchronization between local systems, SSH-accessible locations, and Docker containers. To get started, check out the overview and getting started guides in the documentation. Installation instructions can also be found there. The Mutagen Community Slack Workspace is a hub for discussions and questions, while Mutagen's Twitter account provides project updates. The tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and more platforms. For security concerns, responsible disclosure is encouraged, and versioning follows semantic versioning principles. Mutagen has been extended by users with projects like Mutagen Helper, docker-magento-mutagen, MutagenMon, and mutagenmon, which enhance its functionality.

  • nyu-mlab/iot-inspector-client

    IoT Inspector is a powerful desktop app designed for analyzing your home IoT devices. With its features, you can easily identify potential problems in your home network. It allows you to track the communication of your devices, including the recipients, timing, and data usage. By using IoT Inspector, you can uncover security, privacy, and performance issues, such as excessive traffic from your camera or your smart TV contacting advertising companies. You can download the latest pre-compiled binaries from their website, or run it from the source code if preferred.