Qwik and Building Reusable Components

Summary of my bookmarked links from Nov 21st, 2022


  • Qwik — The JS Framework to Rule Them All?

    Qwik, a JavaScript framework developed by the inventor of AngularJS and his team, offers a promising solution for creating lightning-fast landing pages, blogs, and public-facing websites. With features like zero loading, resumability, lazy loading, reduced rendering, scalability, and code simplicity, Qwik aims to provide an exceptional performance experience. By serializing the framework and application state into HTML, Qwik achieves instant execution and efficient component rendering. Lazy loading allows for on-demand downloading and execution of JavaScript code, optimizing user interactions. Qwik's stateless nature and event bubbling enable out-of-order "rehydration" of specific components.

  • Creating Reusable Components with React Hooks

    The tutorial explains how to create reusable components using React Hooks API. By reusing components, code duplication is avoided, making the codebase more maintainable. The example demonstrates managing multiple design states in a single "Buttons.js" component. It covers creating variants of buttons with different sizes, shapes, interactivity, and colors. The tutorial provides code snippets and a CodeSandbox link for practical implementation. It also guides you on importing the component and defining variants in the styles file. Overall, it offers a comprehensive walkthrough for creating reusable components with React Hooks.