Python and Java APIs for Pokémon GO Gameplay

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 17th, 2016

Github repositories

  • rubenvereecken/pokemongo-api

    The Pokemon Go API for Python is a clean and easily understood Python API. It offers a range of features for gameplay, including getting profiles, eggs, inventory, badges, settings, location, fort details, encounter and catch mechanics, item usage, evolution, Pokemon release, level up, lucky egg usage, item recycling, incubation, nickname setting, team selection, and more. The API is actively developed and encourages contributions. It requires or encrypt.dll for complete functionality, which can be obtained separately. The API provides a demo for reference and utilizes the Pokemon Go Protobuf protocol.

  • Grover-c13/PokeGOAPI-Java

    PokeGOAPI-Java is a Java API for Pokémon GO. It provides functionalities for logging in, retrieving user profiles and inventories, setting location, and accessing catchable Pokémon around you. The API has support for both Google and PTC logins, with respective login procedures. It also offers options for capturing Pokémon with customizable parameters like razzberries and balls. The library has a comprehensive usage example and detailed documentation. Contributions to the project are welcome.