Prompt-Testing Framework and Soy Sauce's Characteristics

Summary of my bookmarked links from Aug 23rd, 2023


  • Looking for a Prompt-Testing Framework? Open-source is the way to go.

    Explore the significance of testing prompts for your language model outputs. Ensure consistency, quality, and early bug detection using platforms like (commercial) or open-source alternatives such as Squidgy-Testy (Python) and Promptfoo (JS/TS). These frameworks offer features like keyword and semantic similarity testing, providing control and flexibility. Integrating them with automation like GitHub Actions enhances deployment efficiency. Elevate your prompt testing game for improved outputs and collaborate on testing prompt libraries. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your language model's performance.

  • Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Soy Sauce: A Review

    The reviewed article delves into the chemical composition and flavor attributes of soy sauce, a widely used condiment in Asian cuisine. The study differentiates between taste and aroma components and highlights the role of fermentation processes in shaping flavor. Various types of soy sauce from different countries are explored, including Chinese and Japanese varieties, revealing distinctive profiles influenced by ingredients and production methods. The research emphasizes the potential of advanced analytical techniques for linking flavor attributes with chemical composition, thereby enhancing our understanding of soy sauce flavor.