Promise Functions for Meteor and Keyboard Vacuuming Art

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Aug 31st, 2015

Github repositories

  • okgrow/meteor-promise

    The okgrow:promise package provides several functionalities for Meteor applications. It includes Meteor.promise, which is similar to but returns a Promise instead of using a callback. Another feature is Meteor.wrapPromise, which converts callback-style functions into Promise-returning functions, useful on the client. Additionally, HTTP methods can be appended with "Promise" to get Promise-returning versions. The package also introduces a ReactivePromise function for creating reactive functions that update when promised values are available. For further discussions or inquiries, the author suggests opening an issue in the okgrow:promise repository or reaching out on social media.

  • pmuens/vacuuming-my-keyboard

    Experience the unique artistic expression of vacuuming a keyboard in this unconventional approach to modern art. The files showcased on this website are the actual words typed on a MacBook keyboard during the cleaning process, capturing the essence of the moment. While some may question its authenticity or dismiss it as nonsensical, this unconventional form of art challenges traditional perceptions and invites viewers to explore new possibilities. Prepare to be intrigued and perhaps even perplexed by this thought-provoking display.