Powerful Tools for Podcast RSS and Mac Firewall: Node Podcast Generator & LuLu macOS Firewall

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 19th, 2018

Github repositories

  • maxnowack/node-podcast

    The Podcast RSS for Node is a fast and simple generator/builder for creating Podcast RSS feeds in Node projects. It supports features like enclosures and GeoRSS. The module allows you to create a new feed by specifying various options such as the title, description, generator, feed URL, site URL, and more. You can also add items to the feed, including properties like title, description, URL, categories, author, date, enclosure, and iTunes-specific fields. The module provides methods to generate the XML representation of the feed. Contributions to the project are welcome, and it is released under the MIT License.

  • objective-see/LuLu

    LuLu is a free macOS firewall that offers protection and control over network traffic. It can be built using Xcode, with instructions available in the documentation. Installation is straightforward through the provided installer application. LuLu is supported by the "Friends of Objective-See" and is highly regarded in Apple enterprise management. It is also endorsed by various organizations specializing in Apple MDM, security, password management, and Mac optimization. Consider supporting LuLu on the developer's Patreon page.