Powerful Rich Text Editors and Exploitation Frameworks

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 26th, 2016

Github repositories

  • nikgraf/awesome-draft-js

    Draft.js is a React-based framework for constructing powerful rich text editors. It offers various features and functionalities for text editing, including plugins, decorators, and utilities. The framework has an active community and provides numerous resources such as presentations, standalone editors, plugins, common utilities, blog posts, live demos, and examples of its usage in production. Draft.js is licensed under CC0, allowing for flexible usage and modification. It has been adopted by notable platforms like StoryChief, HKW Technosphere Magazine, Douban Read, Dooly, Wagtail, and Patreon.

  • bkniffler/draft-wysiwyg

    draft-wysiwyg is a wysiwyg editor that emulates the functionality of Medium's editor. It is built on top of two GitHub repositories, namely draft-js and draft-js-plugins. The editor relies on plugins to provide the desired behavior, making it a valuable example for understanding plugin architecture. Additionally, you can quickly install and use draft-wysiwyg. The website provides a demo where you can test its features, including drag and drop uploading, inline toolbar, block drag and drop, block resizing, block toolbars, block keydown handling, tables, links, and more. To get started, you can install draft-wysiwyg via npm. The project also welcomes contributions through pull requests.

  • threat9/routersploit

    RouterSploit is an open-source exploitation framework specifically designed for embedded devices. It offers various modules for penetration testing, including exploits for identified vulnerabilities, credential testing against network services, vulnerability scanning, payload generation for different architectures, and generic attack modules. The installation process involves cloning the GitHub repository, installing required dependencies, and running the framework. Additionally, there's support for Bluetooth Low Energy on certain platforms. The project is actively developed, with frequent updates and new modules being added. RouterSploit is licensed under BSD, and there's a mention of a related tool called Riposte for building interactive shells.