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Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Apr 15th, 2023


  • The days of SaaS are numbered

    SaaS companies have witnessed a significant increase in recent years, but users often find themselves paying monthly fees for only partial product access. The traditional SaaS model restricts customization and doesn't cater to individual customer needs. Alternatively, the usage-based pricing model, employed by brands like Datadog and AWS, offers full product access from the start, with fees increasing as usage grows. However, this model still perpetuates perpetual payments and potential price increases. A better approach is the one-time fee model, where customers pay upfront for complete product access without subscriptions or price hikes. Fairmint promotes this model, empowering founders to transform customers into investors, resulting in increased engagement and advocacy. Transparent pricing is crucial, and Fairmint offers a convenient one-time fee model.

Github repositories

  • verdaccio/verdaccio

    Verdaccio is a local private npm registry that requires no configuration. It comes with its own small database and the ability to proxy other registries while caching downloaded modules. You can extend its storage capabilities with community-made plugins or create your own. Verdaccio supports private packages, caching of npmjs.org registry, linking multiple registries, and overriding public packages. It is also widely used for end-to-end testing in projects like create-react-app and babel.js. You can install Verdaccio with npm, yarn, pnpm, or Docker. The project is run by volunteers and accepts donations for support.