Port 22 & Pancakes

Summary of my bookmarked links from Feb 13th, 2024


  • SSH Port

    SSH Port 22 Origin Story: In 1995, Tatu Ylonen designed SSH to enhance security over telnet and FTP, opting for port 22 between the existing ports for telnet (23) and ftp (21). Seeking IANA's approval, Ylonen secured port 22, making SSH history. Today, the default port remains 22, but configurations can be altered for testing or specific needs. SSH, frequently firewall-permitted, demands cautious outbound use due to tunneling risks. Inbound access options include port forwarding, varied firewall ports, or VPN prerequisites. Linux users can enable SSH access via iptables.

  • John Locke’s recipe for Pancakes

    Explore philosopher John Locke's diverse collection at the Bodleian Library, which includes not only papers but also intriguing recipes. The showcased pancake recipe, handwritten by Locke, combines sweet cream, eggs, flour, butter, nutmeg, and orange blossom water for a unique treat. The updated recipe modernizes the process, resulting in rich, fragrant pancakes. With a historical touch and a dash of decadence, these pancakes provide a delightful culinary journey, connecting past and present.