Popular Git Config Options and Lapce Code Editor

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Feb 18th, 2024


  • Popular git config options

    The blog post explores popular Git config options based on community feedback. Key options include "pull.ff only" and "pull.rebase true" to handle branch divergence, "merge.conflictstyle zdiff3" for readable merge conflicts, "rebase.autosquash" for easy commit modification, and "push.default simple" for automatic branch pushing. Other recommendations cover pager settings, diff algorithms like "histogram," global ignore files, and submodule configurations. The author shares their minimal config and additions like "diff.algorithm histogram" and "merge.conflictstyle zdiff3." Caution is advised when experimenting with config changes. The post reflects the author's experience in 2024.

Github repositories

  • lapce/lapce

    Lapce is a lightning-fast and powerful code editor written in pure Rust with a Floem UI. It incorporates Rope Science from the Xi-Editor for fast computation and utilizes Wgpu for rendering. Key features include built-in Language Server Protocol support, modal editing (Vim-like), remote development support, and the ability to write plugins in languages that compile to the WASI format. Lapce also boasts a built-in terminal for executing workspace commands. Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, with pre-built releases and installation options. Check out the main website for details and contribute on Discord or Reddit. Released under the Apache License Version 2.