Plugin Framework for Puppeteer with Captcha Solving Solutions

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 12th, 2020

Github repositories

  • berstend/puppeteer-extra

    puppeteer-extra Downloads is a monorepo that serves as a modular plugin framework for puppeteer. It offers support for Playwright as well. Contributing to the project is encouraged, with a clean and user-friendly plugin API provided. The monorepo is powered by Lerna and yarn workspaces, allowing for easy management of dependencies and testing. The development flow includes various commands for installation, testing, and documentation generation. Publishing the packages is done through Lerna, ensuring updated versions and inter-package dependency management.

  • pguardiario/captchas

    This website provides code snippets and instructions for solving hCaptcha and reCaptcha v2 using Puppeteer and Selenium. To use this solution, you need an account with The code examples demonstrate how to interact with a website containing captchas using either Puppeteer (for Node.js) or Selenium (for Python). The provided scripts fetch a captcha-solving script from a GitHub repository, execute it with the specified API key, and handle different status responses. These solutions can be helpful for automating processes that involve solving captchas on websites.